Higher productivity higher availability higher process reliability The requirements of the manu facturing industry keep growing Robotics empha size the utilization of lightweight robots LWRs and collaborative robots cobots to meet these demands They are agile connected assistants performing high precision work in handling and assembly processes with service loads ranging between three and 15 kilograms 6 6 and 33 lb Downsizing of robots also aff ects their joints and poses new challenges to suppliers like Schaeffl er Robot manufacturers primarily demand smaller and more rigid joints with consistent friction lev els as low as possible Gearboxes with greater tor sional rigidity and high torque ratings and bear ings with higher tilting rigidity are in demand as well Service life and wear resistance of the com ponents should not be neglected in this context Two new developments created by Schaeffl er s engineers come into focus here XZU conical thrust cage needle roller bearing Compared to the crossed roll er bearings previously used as articulated arm bearings the innovative conical thrust cage roller bearing features a larger number of load bear ing rolling elements while retaining the same design enve lope As a result customers have the option of using smaller sized bearings which saves space and weight This opens up new opportunities in LWR and cobot development resulting in a constant ly growing array of applications for users Due to the X arrangement of the needle rollers in two raceways rigidity increases by at least 30 per cent depending on the installed size compared to crossed roller bearings By housing the rolling elements in cage guides and having them confi g ured in two raceways instead of just one the XZU delivers a 20 percent reduction in friction result ing in more precise movement and less overshoot on reaching the end position Overall applica tions using these bearings require fewer con trol processes and can operate at higher speeds thereby making the production cycle much more effi cient DuraWave precision gearbox Schaeffl er off ers ready to install silk hat type speed reduction gears aka speed reducers for use in robot articulated joints By harnessing the functional principles of strain wave gearing high reduction gear ratios and correspondingly high torques are achieved with a relatively light weight design Schaeffl er s precision gearbox is characterized by lash free operation positioning accuracy compact design and durability i e long service life The latter is a key factor in robots which need to operate with maximum reliability and minimal downtimes Schaeffl er off ers reduc tion ratios of 50 1 to 150 1 The resulting torques are transmitted reliably and accurately due to the robust design of the gear box and its combination with the rig id XZU conical thrust cage needle roller bearing As a result robots using this technology are highly effi cient and able to move to their end positions dynamically accurately and without excessive over shoot so that sorting han dling and assembly tasks can be performed quickly and effi ciently Dynamic motion 47 In motion

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