A stroke of genius The cage guided needle roller bearing is one of our most important innovations Georg F W Schaeffl er Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Schaeffl er AG and Shareholder of the Schaeffl er Group The future will continue to see things moving by mechanical means The cage guided needle roller bearing is central to this a perfect component Andreas Schick Chief Operating Offi cer Schaeffl er means The cage guided needle roller bearing is central to this a perfect component It is cost effi cient and makes ideal use of space says Schaeff ler s Chief Operating Offi cer Andreas Schick Technological development What began with an ingenious idea of Georg Schaeffler s has undergone a continuous evolution by Schaeffl er s engineers in terms of performance capabilities and diversity of product types over the past 70 years Compared to a solid needle roller bearing from the nineteen fi fties service life has in creased fi fteen fold and static load carrying capac ity tripled while the dimensions have remained the same The massively improved performance den sity delivered by the needle roller assembly off ers signifi cant downsizing potential for energy con serving and resource saving applications The vari ety of product types has consistently grown as well Today Schaeffl er s needle roller bearing portfolio Ancestor and descendant A replica of the fi rst cage guided needle roller bearing from 1950 left and a modern XZU conical thrust cage needle bearing for lightweight robots encompasses more than 15 000 variants for a wide range of requirements The length of the wires used in the annual production of 60 billion needle roll ers would suffi ce to wind them around the equator 18 times Nearly 170 million needle rollers are pro duced from them per day 100 billion needle roller bearings have been produced at Schaeffl er since the patent application was fi led in 1950 49 In motion

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