Tailored solutions 52 The perfect tool for designing electric powertrains Schaeffler s modular e axle configurator Defeating disabilities 54 No arms no legs but thanks to innovation and high tech Janis McDavid enjoys boundless mobility even in a race car Awesome power 56 How is hydrogen produced and transported How is it stored and what are its potential uses We pioneer motion 62 A powerful slogan and a creative campaign emphasize Schaeffler s core competencies that have been continuously expanded over decades Trains in transition 66 The Far East as a role model it takes an innovation boost for rail transportation to compete with aviation Shifting learning goals 72 Innovation driven and digital the modern world needs new education and training we look at a compass that points the way House building 2 0 76 Masonry is old school modern technologies are revolutionizing the construction sector The wind the wind 82 The heaven born wind is becoming a powerful tool in fighting climate change thanks to futuristic innovations Masthead 90 OutlookHere and now Technology for tomorrowLiving with progress 5 Contents

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