On a roll Consumption comparison Gasoline equivalent in liters per person 100 km at average capacity utilization Passenger car 1 5 persons 6 1 Airliner 71 4 9 Short distance train 29 3 0 Long distance train 50 1 9 Tour bus 60 1 4 Eximus IV 1 person 0 00625 Source Umweltbundesamt UBA German Federal Environmental Agency Friction is a decelerator Who d be in a bet ter position to know this than bearing special ist Schaeffl er Weight and aerodynamic drag hamper the urge of moving forward as well The designers of the Eximus IV rail vehicle tweaked its project in many areas to propel it with maxi mum ease and effi ciency The outcome is more than amazing while the fi rst Eximus version in 2016 still required 0 84 watt hours of electrical energy to haul one passenger across a one kilo meter 0 62 mile distance the current Eximus IV needed merely 0 517 watt hours a new effi ciency world record How little this is becomes evident not least when converting gasoline as a value with the energy content of one gal lon the Eximus IV in mathematical terms would be on a roll for more than 60 000 kilometers 37 500 miles 51

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