Visit our virtual exhibition Powertrain Energy and learn more about drive technologies from Schaeffler With the e axle kit Schaeffler makes it possible for its partners in the automotive industry to tailor their platforms to suit all demands of the market thanks to high vertical integration modularity and scalability Thanks to the modular e axle configurator efficient compact and highly integrated systems with high power density can be developed within short development cycles for both 48 volt hybrid and 400 and 800 volt technology The performance range extends from 15 kW to more than 300 kW Both axially parallel and coaxial arrangements are possible With excellent manufacturing expertise and high development flexibility novel solutions become ready for market within a very short period of time across the entire product pyramid from winding processes to components such as electric motors and clutches to complex 3in1 e axle and hybrid systems including power electronics and software Propulsion strategies The IC engine propels one axle and the e motor the other one E drives from Schaeffler can be configured for either arrangement at diverse performance levels Fully electric drive but using one electric motor each on the front and rear axle for greater dynamics and efficiency Strategy 3 Two e axles Fully electric drive supplied by a battery or fuel cell The e drive can optionally be installed on the front or the rear axle in this case as well Strategy 2 One e axle Strategy 1 One IC engine one e axle Schaeffler s portfolio includes a suitable solution for any form of powertrain Example of an e axle 3in1 e axle system featuring a coaxial arrangement with integrated power electronics Transmission housing Output shaft By Stefan Pajung 53 Here and now

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