Limits exist for the purpose of being pushed and shifted Just like technological innovations have done time and time again with the limits of what s feasible Janis McDavid is happy that this is so because only high tech makes it possible for him to enjoy his freedom of mobility be it in his own van or most recently in a 334 hp race car What makes this young man s enjoyment of personal mobility special is the fact that he was born without arms and legs No limits Janis McDavid will arguably never forget this par ticular weekend at the end of October 2020 slip ping into his purpose made fire proof racing suit donning a helmet and hopping into the BMW race car to zip down the Hockenheim ring at a top speed of 200 km h 124 3 mph Through the legendary Parabolika without hands on the wheel how else Instead there s a joystick stuck in his arm pit Janis maxim is to think without limits Even as a child I dreamed of driving cool sports cars says the man who s in his late twenties Now this dream has come true in a BMW M3 But how does someone without limbs drive a race car By Björn Carstens Janis McDavid owes the fact that a seemingly im possible feat becomes possible to Space Drive drive by wire technology with which Paravan GmbH has been enabling severely disabled people to independently drive cars for nearly 20 years and as a joint venture with Schaeffler since 2018 The Space Drive system uses cables instead of the traditional mechanical connections Electrical im pulses are used to actuate steering braking and acceleration functions Three mutually monitoring control chips ensure the system s safety Roland Arnold founder and CEO of Paravan is the inno vator of this technology Now seeing Janis driving even on a race track is incredible Going forward this technology will be playing a pivotal role in the development of future vehicle concepts and ben efit everyone Space Drive is regarded as a key technology especially for autonomous driving 320 000 kilometers of freedom The dream of driving cars has played a major part in Janis McDavid s life from early childhood on To personally choose where and when to go some where means ultimate freedom to him For ten years he s been driving his Mercedes Sprinter that was modified by Paravan having covered a distance of 320 000 kilometers 200 000 mi in it without accidents Via a loading ramp he steers his high tech wheel chair also from Paravan into the vehicle s rear and hops forward into the driver s seat He operates his mini bus just like the race car by using a 4 way joystick Backward means ac celerating forward means braking and to the left and right means steering The rest I handle via A seat adapted to his specific needs provides Janis McDavid with the required support in the BMW M3 He uses the joystick in his left armpit to drive the high tech race car 54

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