Branding The wheel chair Paravan PR 50 bears the same number as the BMW race car 49 September 4th is Janis McDavid s birthday Drive system Two powerful 300 watt motors take him wherever he s headed Either at 6 3 7 or 10 km h 6 2 mph The batteries have an approximate range of 30 km 19 mi and are charged on downhill sections Steering Janis McDavid uses a joystick to operate his wheel chair Rearward means accelerating forward means braking A pad at the level of his right arm is used for other functions Lifting function The best tool for communicating with others at eye level a multi functional button at the level of my right arm says Janis Operating the turn signal for in stance It s a technology that literally moves In fall of 2019 the idea of installing this technology in a real race car was born Roland Arnold showed Ja nis his most recent project an Audi R8 LMS GT3 the world s first sports car without any mechani cal connection between the steering unit and the steering gearbox approved by the German Mo torsport Federation DMSB So why not test this technology on a race track using a 4 way joystick For Janis McDavid it was clear that he d accept this driving challenge Breaking the 200 km h 125 mph sound barrier for the first time was a mega feeling My driving instructor said to me hey guy don t focus on the speedometer look at the road he says with a smile Space Drive has increasingly been gaining traction in racing In 2020 the Schaeffler technology has been used in five race cars in various sprint races and tests The plan is for it to be fielded in the new DTM as well starting in 2023 Following his suc cessful debut in a race car Janis McDavid is go ing to keep track of the continuing development Who d have thought that you don t even need arms and legs to drive a race car Right who d have thought that It goes to prove that limits are redefined thanks to innovations Janis McDavid and his Paravan PR 50 55 Here and now

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