Hydrogen the all rounder Use as a storage medium as propulsion energy and as a carbon substitute in industrial applications There are quite a few expectations pinned on hydrogen Schaeffl er s hydrogen expert Dr Stefan Gossens looks at current trends A nice PR success for Toyota The Japanese automaker delivered to the Pope as a gift a Mirai converted into a Popemobile which made positive headlines and caused the Holy Father to be inducted into the exclusive club of hydrogen car users Even 40 years after the German Aerospace Center DLR presented Europe s fi rst hydrogen passenger car a modifi ed BMW 5 this vehicle category is still a niche product although there s a lot speaking in favor of green hydrogen in automobiles especially their long achievable range fast refueling and obviously their emissions which ideally amount to nothing but water A sparse fi lling station network of currently 140 stations in all of Europe of which 76 are in Germany according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA an off ering of models that can be counted on the fi ngers of one hand and above all the high vehicle prices that are almost twice as high as those of comparable cars using IC engines have been preventing any appreciable spreading of the technology so far Toyota is confi dent that this is going to progressively change While of the fi rst Mirai generation 11 000 more or less hand made units were produced in fi ve years this number is planned to increase to 30 000 mass produced units of the successor per year Toyota s competitor Hyundai is planning to sell 110 000 fuel cell vehicles by 2025 equating to one in six of its electric cars Dr Stefan Gossens Innovation Program Manager for Energy Storage and Conver sion at Schaeffl er In terms of technology Toyota Hyundai and Honda are showing an impressive level of maturity In terms of price that s not the case yet The manufac turers currently competing in this segment are not generating any profi t but securing an advantage over the competition Once the vehicle prices drop which they did for instance by nearly 20 percent from the fi rst to the second Mirai generation it s cer tainly possible that a market for hydrogen passenger cars will develop H2 in passenger cars The three tanks of the new Toyota Mirai have a hydrogen capacity of 5 6 kg 12 3 lb The WLTP based range is 650 km 404 mi compared to the predecessor s 500 311 Another major stride compared to the predecessor was the reduction of the production time for a single fuel cell stack from 15 minutes to a few seconds By Oliver Jesgulke and Volker Paulun 56

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