Hurricanes are devastating forces of nature and unstop pable Really No says OceanTherm a Norwegian start up that has launched a novelty which has actually been around for a while Underwater bubbles that have been used for 50 years to keep fjords ice free are supposed to stop future tropical cyclones The idea is that unlike in the cool Norwegian Sea the bubbles in hurricane regions are supposed to cause cold instead of warm water to rise It s a technology from the category of climate engineer ing in other words human interventions with weather phenomena Hurricanes aka cyclones or typhoons are formed above ocean surfaces with water temperatures above 26 5 C 79 7 F Even if this limit should not be sustainable every degree gained in the process will miti gate the momentum of the storm by as much as 20 km h 12 4 mph To create an eff ective curtain of bubbles an extensive pipeline system conveying compressed air must be created at a depth of more than 100 meters either per manently installed or as a mobile solution using some 20 ships as a fl oating base The startup is still in the pro cess of looking for research and above all funding part ners The costs of the mobile solution are estimated to amount to some 270 million dollars per year However this investment would likely pay off if this type of climate engineering proved viable because just in the United States the expected damage caused by hurricane winds amounts to around 54 billion dollars per year according to estimates by the U S Congressional Budget Offi ce Innovation reloaded Global You learn to know a pilot in a storm Lucius Annaeus Seneca Roman philosopher A glimpse of the world 6

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