was the speed at which hurricane Camille swept across the Gulf of Mexico in 1969 A record Only hurricane Allen reached the same speed off the coast of Texas in 1980 is the average diameter of the eye of a hurricane around which the storm rages The entire vortex system is larger with potential diameters of more than 1 600 kilometers 1 000 miles one meaning the storms referred to as hurricanes in North and Central America are called cyclones in the Indian Ocean and the South Pacifi c region and typhoons in South East Asia was the damage caused by hurricane Katrina that struck the southern United States in 2005 making it the costliest tropical cyclone in history to date has been the longest duration of a hurricane on record The storm swept across the Atlantic for nearly one month 305 km h 175 mph 45 kilometers 28 miles 3 names 81 billion 28 days 7

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