An innovation driven world changes all of our lives which results in many opportunities and few risks Here are five areas education and training should focus on to prepare people for the new digital knowledge society Learning for a complex world What does it mean to be an educated person today We live in a world where the kinds of things that are easy to teach and test have also become easy to digitize and automate writes Professor An dreas Schleicher Director for Education and Skills at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD in the OECD Learning Com pass 2030 In the digital knowledge society com puters programs and algorithms help us manage outsource interlink and apply knowledge This is nothing short of a revolution because it means that the human being is assuming a new role the one of a responsible decision maker and impetus provider using computers as powerful tools or even working on a par with artificial intel ligence This new role also changes the concept of education Success in education today not only means language mathematics or history but also identity ability to act and sense of purpose ac cording to Schleicher The future he says is about pairing the artificial intelligence of computers with the values and skills that are uniquely human In this way human skills complement those of com puters rather than compete with them and people By Christian Heinrich 72

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