they develop their ability to recognize multiple solutions and work successfully with ambiguity it says in the OECD learning compass 2030 4 Ability to act Understanding things is the first key step influenc ing and changing them is the second one That stu dents do this or at least try to cannot be taken for granted This requires a relevant skill In the OECD Learning Compass 2030 this skill is called stu dent agency It is about acting rather than be ing acted upon shaping rather than being shaped and making responsible decisions and choices rather than accepting those determined by oth ers it says in the Learning Compass This learning journey begins in early childhood When a child experiences that its actions matter to its surroundings that it can make an impact the child will develop a sense of self efficacy which lays the foundation for student agency later in life During the years in school this can be devel oped further by independent elaboration and es tablishing areas of emphasis Co determination and democratic processes in school can promote Occupation Description Examples of skills Examples of knowledge Examples of atti tudes and values Robotics engineers Research design develop or test robotic applications Critical thinking complex problem solving quali ty control analysis Engineering and technology robotics design Exploration precision observation Biostatisticians Develop and apply biostatistical theory and methods or systems to the study of life sciences Inductive reason ing oral expres sion mathematical reasoning Mathematics English language education and training Project program management execution inquisitiveness Fuel cell engineers Design evaluate modify or con struct fuel cell components or systems for transportation sta tionary or portable application Judgment and decision making critical thinking Physics mathematics chemistry Focus reliability feedback Solar sales represen tatives and assessors Contact new or existing cus tomers to determine their solar equipment needs suggest sys tems or equipment or estimate costs Active listening persuasion social perceptiveness Sales and marketing engineering and tech nology customer and personal service Accountabili ty focus results orientation Video game designers Design core features of video games specify innovative game and role play mechanics story lines and character biographies create and maintain design doc umentation Programming critical thinking complex problem solving Design communi cations and media psychology Inquisitiveness playfulness passion this as well students that help shape a schoolyard practice learning by doing that will subsequently benefit them in their professional careers and in everyday life Learning researcher Stamov Roßnagel from Jacobs University Bremen views self management skills as a primary educational goal too across all age groups In teaching his students he primarily pro motes the skills of making evidence based choices and developing new approaches skills that will subsequently be in demand in their careers irre spective of their roles or sectors of the economy The best was to do this says the professor is by actively involving students from their first semes ter on in research and research based consulting 5 Ethics as a compass for choices Those who make choices those who are able to take action can make an impact in various direc tions That s why taking action always implies an assumption of responsibility Assuming responsi bility for one s own actions should always directly be part of taking action The OECD Learning Com pass 2030 says Students who have the capacity Examples of new and emerging jobs and matching educational areas of emphasis from the OECD Learning Compass 2030 74

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