Industry 4 0 digitization the world of work is changing fast er and faster Companies are re quired to adjust their training What is important in this context Industry 4 0 means that every thing is interlinked with every thing else not only the machines but the workers in particular That s why the ability and more im portantly the willingness to think out of the box is expected of new employees Schaeffler therefore encourages apprentices and students to be flexi ble in their reasoning They should have the capac ity for managing change in order to upset the apple cart of things they ve been trained in today and to learn something totally new This by the way also applies to the trainers who continually have to be sensitized regarding their personal readiness for change through respective training activities Under these prerequisites how is Schaeffler adapting its training content in order to keep pace with technological progress to take responsibility for their actions have a strong moral compass that allows for con sidered reflection working with others and respecting the planet To achieve this we have to ask ourselves some crit ical questions before and after taking action from which we learn for the future What should I do Was that the right thing to do Where are the limits When considering the consequences in ret rospect should I have acted exactly in this or a different way The author Christian Heinrich has been covering educational topics for the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT for more than a decade Since 2014 education has been of highly personal relevance to him it was the year in which his twins were born The most recent choice he had to make in this context was just a few months ago pre school or another year at the childcare center He opted for pre school Paul Seren Training Manager Schaeffler Germany For the past four years all apprentices in Germany irrespective of being trained in an industrial tech nical or a commercial vocation have been able to build a functional 3D printer with everything that this entails during their apprenticeships Network ing is important in this context An aspiring mecha tronics specialist communicates with an industrial business management assistant a software devel oper with an industrial mechanic Aside from fos tering teamwork as part of an apprenticeship this reveals further hidden potential This form of train ing at Schaeffler has been successfully rolled out in the United States and Europe as well and is also planned to be exported to China in the near future What other innovations is Schaeffler planning to use in making apprentices fit for the future Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will become central training tools Virtual welding simulators have been used for quite some time but this entire area holds additional potential especially in man ufacturing For instance handling loading and re pairing machines can be virtually trained in this way This is an important innovation also in view of the fact that we ll probably have to continue ob serving distancing rules for a longer period of time All the players in the educational system should try to impart and promote such practice parents as well as educators teachers as well as lecturers Three questions for 75 Outlook

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