Brave new building world Digital transformation is changing the world of construction and helps save time costs and natural resources Much of this is still a vision but even at this juncture efficient energy supply can be simulated in advance Robots are able to lay bricks cut wood to size and join it Formwork is supplied by 3D printers and the requisite data by a digital twin Is an all new world of construction in store for us When it comes to Manufacturing 4 0 the automo tive and mechanical engineering industries are frequently referred to for orientation In these sec tors everything is stored in digital models as well and the interaction between digital drawing and designing CAD and digital manufacturing works perfectly The presence of human workers in fac tory halls is becoming an increasingly rare occur rence Robots are moving swiftly and with pinpoint accuracy through digitally connected bays Plus the material that s picked from high bay ware house racks by self driving forklift trucks auton omously moves on self driving pallets guided by induction loops at the right time to exactly the right place Welcome to Factory 4 0 And what about construction sites Digital transformation is forging ahead here as well While GPS controlled surveying instruments and autonomous construc tion machines have long been part of site equip ment Building Information Modeling BIM is a term that s now becoming increasingly important The BIM planning method So what exactly is BIM Building Information Modeling is no special software but describes the perfect interaction between a variety of soft ware solutions and database systems Just like every technical construction crew uses special ty tools the software applications for planning procurement construction and utilization pro cesses vary BIM is like a digital machine that sorts and connects these processes One of the key prerequisites for this is the availability of all data according to the IFC Industry Foundation Classes standard Building Information Modeling is still in its early development stages but already improves adher ence to project deadlines and budgets The reason is that BIM marking a major evolutionary mile stone in this context compared to CAD provides digital renderings of three dimensional rooms but also calculates time and cost parameters as a fourth and fifth dimension Unsurprisingly BIM is now a mandatory element of public tendering pro cedures in many countries Evolutions are planned to elevate BIM to a level of creating a dedicated connected virtual world a digital twin of the entire construction project Pro vided that the plan pans out this new construction world will also incorporate the Internet of Things By Robert Schütz 77 Outlook

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