For 75 years engineers in the construction industry around the world have been relying on Schaeffl er s plain bearings and consulting expertise Hydrau lic motion control cylinders for construction machines grind ing rollers in cement mills con tinuous casting lines in steel works articulated pendulum joints for optimal steerability in roller compactors train doors and bogies escalators and lug gage belts at airports all of them require plain bearings In buildings plain bearings are used at particularly criti cal interfaces like in the glass roof of Berlin s Central Train Sta tion The roof structure cov ers approximately 300 meters of railroad platform Countless spherical plain bearings and bolt systems from Schaeffl er are installed in the trussed frames providing the necessary length compensation in the steel struc ture when external infl uences particularly wind act on it The weight of the roof structure at London s Wembley Stadium rests on just two bearings from Schaeffl er Each of them sup ports a weight of 7 500 metric Bearings for buildings terrain models Entire civil engineering models are shown to the machine operator on a display and fa cilitate faster and more precise work Look before you build The digital twin off ers another major advantage even before the fi rst sod is turned Thanks to VR headsets clients can take a virtual walk through their projects to get a highly realistic impres sion of the planned outcome As a result the cli ent s wish can be compared with reality while the project is still in the planning stage which prac tically precludes the risk of costly corrections af ter construction has begun Even if the client should subsequently desire modifi cations BIM will concurrently inform all the technical crews in volved and warn them of potential issues that may be caused by the change in plans In addition material orders can automatically be adjusted and documented down to the smallest washer But BIM optimized logistic processes not only cut construction costs and time They also help reduce the consumption of so called embodied energy in other words the energy required for production storage shipping processing and disposal of con struction materials The subsequent operation of the facility as a whole is signifi cantly simplifi ed and incurs less costs due to digitally connected planning as well Experts re fer to this as BIM2FM with FM standing for Facili ty Management In this context it s important to know that the lion s share of a facility s total costs is not incurred during the planning and construction stage but that the greatest savings potential ex ists in the utilization stage That s why as early as Installed in the roof of Berlin s Central Train Station are spherical plain bearings and bolt systems from Schaeffl er tons 8 270 short tons and has been designed for a service life of 100 years 79 Outlook

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