The author Robert Schütz is a trade journalist covering the fields of architecture and digital construction and CEO of Bautalk The communications agency based in Frankfurt a M specializes in architecture and construction His favorite buildings Frank Lloyd Wright s famous private residence Fallingwater and Casa Gilardi in Mexico City Luis Barragán s last building that was completed in 1976 Digitally planned additively manufactured The curved ceiling elements that were cast in a 3D printed casing are joined together at the construction site engineers for example are only interested in data pertaining to the building s design and structure while façade planners will only be dealing with its exterior shell Every planned used or potentially used component is stored in a BIM compatible da tabase In addition to the classic dimensions facts about materials such as their thermal conductivi ty and flammability are important Even the source from which a material was purchased can be iden tified at a later point in time by just clicking the relevant detail The gaps and relations between adjacent components are captured as well Much of the BIM potential described here is still a vision But when Henry Ford introduced the mov ing assembly line he was a visionary too No body was ready to believe that it was possible to break down the production of complex goods or products into individual monotonous steps And that was just the beginning of progressive indus trialization and automation Aldous Huxley s nov el Brave New World begins with an epigraph in French that might be translated into English as Utopias appear much more attainable than for merly was believed The construction industry has been following this proposition more than ever before The BIM digital planning method and inno vative production technologies create all new op portunities for design that can also be achieved faster and at lower costs Perhaps living in style and in complex architecture will soon become af fordable for everyone This would be true prog ress The odds are in its favor Welcome to the new building world 81 Outlook

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