107 meters 350 feet This is the length of a sin gle rotor blade of the world s most powerful wind turbine When all three blades are installed they describe a circle in the sky with a diameter of 220 meters 722 feet To put these dimensions into perspective the world s largest Ferris wheel the High Roller in Las Vegas is only 167 meters 550 ft tall The record breaking Haliade X wind turbine from American multinational conglomerate General Elec tric GE is currently being tested at the port of Rot terdam in the Netherlands It has a total height of 260 meters 853 feet which makes it just a lit tle smaller than the Eiff el Tower Most impressive though is its rated capacity of twelve megawatts Not too long ago such behemoths were regarded as mythical creatures Today they re reality and far from marking the end of their evolution Other manu facturers have already announced 15 mega watt machines According to GE Haliade X gener ates electric power for up to 16 000 households and it takes just three rotor revolutions to charge the battery of a Tesla Model 3 providing the car with a range of more than 500 kilometers 311 miles Obviously such giants are installed only on the high seas far away from coastal waters where they do not bother anyone Off shore systems are also better for wind yield delivering up to 4 500 hours of maximum power per year compared to just around 2 000 supplied by those onshore This perceived megalomania has a logical background The larger the systems the more power they gener ate plus the simpler the logistics chain Larg er systems have massive advantages says wind power specialist Manfred Lührs from the consul tancy fi rm 8 2 They optimally exploit the sites Floating structures Europe including the UK or more precisely the North Sea is the epicenter of the off shore wind industry with a currently installed rated capac ity of around 22 gigawatts The water is shallow and the demand for electricity high Shallow in this case means 40 meters 131 feet which is ideal for off shore wind power Large steel foundations can be placed on the bottom of the sea here or gigantic By Daniel Hautmann Aerodyn engineering based in Rendsburg Germany puts two wind turbines on a fl oater This twin concept reduces costs and increases the power rating according to the manufacturer Due to its fl oating structure the system can be used in in deeper waters Its name is Nezzy2 The towers of its two wind turbines are separated from each other by 90 degrees which is reminiscent of the fork of a tree branch The two self aligning rotors turn in opposite directions and are controlled so that they won t get in each other s way This rotational concept prevents slipstream between the twins and stabilizes the fl oater However it s still uncertain when the fi rst twin system will be deployed off shore A 1 10 scale prototype with a height of 18 meters 60 feet was tested this fall in the Greifswalder Bodden lagoon of the German Baltic Sea and proved its seaworthiness even in hurricane like winds China has already expressed an interest in commissioning a 1 1 version with a height of 180 meters 600 feet for testing This full scale system is supposed to be able to withstand even waves of 20 meters 65 feet in height Steel mooring cables in the seabed hold the system in place Off shore double pack 83 Outlook

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