The author Freelance science journalist Daniel Hautmann has dedicated a whole book to the wind Windkraft neu gedacht erstaunliche Beispiele für die Nutzung einer unerschöpflichen Ressource Rethinking wind power amazing examples of using an inexhaustible resource deals not just with wind power systems that generate electricity but also with many other ideas that show how humanity can harness the power of the wind without polluting the atmosphere with harmful greenhouse gas emissions In a test bed in the western German town of Grevenbroich a vertical machine rotates and converts wind energy into electrical power The principle of vertical axis machines is as old as the hills Some 1 700 years BC the Persians set up the first mills with flat rotating wings Obviously their modern day descendants are clearly more powerful and taller with 750 kW of rated capacity achieved by a design height of 105 meters 345 feet Even so modern systems with upright propellers and similar hub height deliver about 30 percent higher output The vertical axis systems have the major advantage of being three times quieter than conventional systems and can thus be established in closer proximity to residential areas without violating legal requirements Horizontal instead of vertical huge cylinders rotating with wind power provide propulsion in this case Surfing the stratosphere on lee waves Commercial aviation could drastically reduce its emissions as well by making efficient use of the wind Gliders are masters of this art and have long been deemed to be pioneers both in terms of flight maneuvers and materials Record setting pilots glide over distances of more than 3 000 kilometers 1 850 miles and up to altitudes of 23 kilometers 14 miles without burning a single drop of fuel They use huge lee waves forming above mountain ranges in conditions of strong wind That s what the pilots of large airliners aspire to do too and therefore learn from the gliders Even race cars made of high tech carbon fibers with sophisticated hybrid powertrains use the awesome power of the wind to pick up speed while so called wind cars look like wind turbines on wheels and are driven right against the wind Strangely enough they reach higher speeds than the opposing wind itself This is the principle of the annual Racing Aeolus competition that has been held on a dike in the north of the Netherlands since 2008 and in which teams from all over the world participate with race cars they ve developed and built themselves using the wind as their fuel 88

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