3 questions for Wind power is already playing a crucial role in the global energy transition process today In your view will its importance increase even further going forward Yes the global energy transition process is unthinkable without wind power Its share in the energy mix has prospects of further growth Take China for example which is already the world s Rudolf Walter Vice President Business Unit Wind at Schaeffl er biggest market for wind energy The rate at which its expansion is being accelerated in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2060 is awesome In the next fi ve years new systems with a total capac ity of 50 gigawatts on average are planned to be installed there per year and even more in the sub sequent years This more than doubles the current growth rate of 20 gigawatts per year Of course that s an interesting prospect for Schaeffl er s Industrial Division as well With what innovations is Schaeffl er planning to achieve further effi ciency increases of wind pow er systems Among other things we re using special technol ogies to enhance the robustness of larger bearing solutions which can then achieve greater output and as a result reduce power generation costs For instance that s why we use an induction cur ing technique allowing us to produce bearings with an outer diameter of more than 2 5 meters 8 feet more economically In terms of predictive maintenance Schaeffl er is planning to fi eld another innovation What exactly is this That s right We ve developed technologies enabling us to permanently measure the water content in oil as well as detecting and feeding back a bearing s exposure to electrical current Both are warnings that indicate so called white etching cracks in other words structural changes below the surface of bearings As a result we re able to reduce cost intensive bearing failures At the moment we re in the prototype operation stage The plan is to start production next year 89 Outlook

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